What do you people think goes on at women’s colleges? Hm? Think we all just get on the same menstrual cycle, trim our mustaches in the library bathrooms and defile shrines of male reproductive organs?  Well, maybe one or two of those, but that’s beside the point.

I told myself I’d never start a sentence with “As a feminist” or “Sexism” so… What does bacteria and sexism have in common? They’re alive.  Both are hard to see most of the time, so therefore they are usually ‘out of mind’.  But when you look at the cold hard facts and see the aftermath (athlete’s foot, Walmart time slips), it’s no longer a question.

Everybody ready for me to whip out the F-word? Wait for it….


Phew glad that’s out there and ready to be thrown about freely.  I finished my senior year in high school thinking feminists were some awful, hairy, angry group of people. That’s not an uncommon belief! I’m sure there are some feminists who fit that description, just like some Muslims (I’m going there) want to kill the infidels. Don’t you HATE that the minute percentage of crazies get to represent their group?!

K, I don’t know where I was going with that other than just letting you know that the big scary F word just means that women should have the same rights as men… which is, hm, just SO crazy.  Conclusion: unless you’re a raging doosh, you’re a feminist.

So let’s talk about the whole ‘get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich’ thing that’s coming out of the mouths of many males recently. Don’t get me wrong, there are a slew of woman jokes that I find hilarious. But really? So many youtube videos showing a female doing something is followed by highly rated comments like: “well that wouldn’t have happened if she had been in the kitchen” …. Ha. Ha. Ha.

                                                                         ^ Sober.