Ho ha! Back for more are you?

There is well known phrase that has been circulating the population for ages and it goes a little something like this: “Don’t ever room with your best friend” But you know what, that was probably coined tens of thousands of years ago, and really isn’t relevant in our modern world today.

Last year I met a girl who changed my life.  She made up for the years of on again off again friendships that meant nothing.  She has filled a space in me that has been vacant and empty. I’M IN LOVE! but don’t worry, it’s just platonic soulmateship.  And lemme tell ya, that’s a thing. Oh right, and she’s my roommate.

Her identity will remain hidden.  We’ll call her O.

We spend approximately (hmm 12 + 10 – 4 x 8…) all day & night together.  We’re quite a team, I must say. A real Watson & Robin… wait…

So while some roommates are glaring at a soggy tissue crossing the duck tape border to their side of the room, we are cooperatively sniffing out the source of a salty/meat-like smell.  While others fume about their roommate yelling on the phone for hours, we chant our “hare krisna”s in an attempt to meditate. While others…nah that was enough.

While she makes up in fullness of lip and bosom size where I am found to be lacking there of (wow what a first-half-of-a-sentence)…we complement and we compliment each other (see what I did there?).

We both love to laugh. I throw out my attempts at humor and she provides a full, hearty laughter to follow.  I personally don’t have a great laugh, but O, her laugh is like an iPhone. Quality and quantity. What a metaphor. Rest peacefully Mr. Jobs, damn I’m really killing the moment.




Here are some of the things we discuss:

-opposing stances on abortion





-other things with double 0’s

-social constructs of gender and sexual orientation

-furry friends

-whether or not we should go to the gym


-my androgynous youth

-drunk people youtube videos

-cat youtube videos

-many more youtube videos


Things we don’t discuss:

-Russian Literature



-ponies/pony fashion




Thanks for being my life partner and for never taking my advice on what may or may not give you cancer and laughing at all my jokes. Love to you from me.

Hope all you people who aren’t O can relate to this in someway… if not, stay tuned 🙂